Feiyang Protech

Shenzhen Feiyang Protech Corp., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. We have been focusing on researching, production, marketing of Polyaspartic Ester Polyurea (Polyaspartic Polyurea) high polymer materials.
At present, Shenzhen Feiyang Protech Corp., Ltd. has obtained more than 20 patents in the field of polyaspartic polyurea. In 2015, Shenzhen Protech participated in three polyaspartic polyurea industry standards drafting. In addition, polyaspartic polyurea project has been listed in "2010 National Torch Plan" by “Ministry of science and technology”, "2012 National Key New Product" issued by state four ministries, and “2014 National Science and Technology Supporting Program”. Polyaspartic polyurea products have been awarded by “2012 Guangdong Province Brand-name Products”. In 2004, “Guangdong Proveince Polyaspartic Polyurea High Polymer Materials(Feiyang) Engineering Technology Research Center” was established by Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province.
On Oct.2016, Feiyang Protech was approved to list in the national minor enterprises transfer system (also known as: the new three board). Stock Code: 839607.